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XR Browser is actually a derivate from my fitness app Treadmill XR Companion. It's stripped from the virtual runner functionalities and a basic web browser with see-through feature. However, since owners of a rowing machine and other fitness devices asked for something similar, XR Browser should fit their needs. For everyone else, enjoy browsing the web, watching videos on a huge virtual screen floating in your room.

This is a basic browser for media consumption! Please don't expect a fully fledged productivity tool. Development is stopped, please read the devlog.

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did not install for me

Apps that are not coming from the official Pico Store will be listed under "Unknown" (sources).

Vielen Dank für den Hinweis und die Arbeit bisher !

Wird es denn für Treadmill weitere Entwicklung geben? Wird es mit Volvic verknüpft werden, bis jetzt war schade, dass der Vollbildmodus nicht funktionierte (vielleicht lag es an mir!?)

Keine Sorge, mit Treadmill geht es weiter. Ich warte nun auch schon seit Ewigkeiten auf die Motion Tracker. Letzte wage Info ist, dass sie Anfang nächsten Jahres kommen sollen.

As it seems to me a killer feature would be the ability to connect ANT/Bluetooth sensors like a heart rate, cadence and speed and overlay their values on the screen. As well as saving the history of workouts and their different statistics based on the sensor's data.

Hi, i'm currently eagerly waiting for the release of the motion trackers. I hope they finally start to sell them soon. I already have some code ready since months. From there Pico's internal fitness app will take care of fitness statistics.

Oops, seems I misunderstood earlier! 🙂 I've always envisioned a perfect blend between Peloton and Kinomap. Interestingly, I've seen something akin to this in the Oculus store.

When using the Peloton app on a standard stationary bike, it seamlessly integrates data from heart rate monitors like the Polar H10 via Bluetooth. Plus, I can also sync any Bluetooth cadence sensor, enabling me to view my foot speed in real-time along with the instructor's guidance.

The essence of cardiorespiratory training lies in optimizing the area of a triangle: the base represents zone two (endurance training zone), and the peak symbolizes VO2 max (maximum oxygen consumption rate). The objective isn't merely having a broad base or a towering peak but achieving an expansive area. This emphasizes the need for a balanced training regime, avoiding an all-endurance or an all-high-intensity approach. As a general guideline, it's recommended to allocate approximately 80% of training in zone two and the remaining 20% at VO2 max. This principle holds true for both everyday individuals and elite athletes. Here's a detailed video on the topic.

For me, it's crucial to monitor my heart zone and cadence continuously on-screen. While Peloton excels at HIIT-style VO2 max training, I lean towards scenic rides from Kinomap or engaging YouTube videos like this for ZONE 2 exercises. In such instances, I often opt for the Wahoo or Polar Beat app for Android.

To clarify, I don't really require motion tracking from Pico or integration with any native fitness apps.

P.S.: I possess programming skills, albeit not specifically for VR. If you're open to collaboration, I'd be eager to discuss further!

Sorry, i mixed it all up with my other app. Didn't realize that this is the XR Browser section... ;)
The big question is, do all these devices have the same standard? I'm sure Peloton has the budget to integrate support for a lot of different brands.

And if there are SDK's available, then i would need them for Unity (C#). And each device itself of course...

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To the best of my knowledge, Android supports Bluetooth heart monitor sensors without the need for additional drivers. I personally use cost-effective heart and cadence sensors from Magene that I purchased via AliExpress.They work seamlessly with platforms like Peloton, Wahoo, and Polar Beat. 

While many sensors offer unique features, their core functionality remains consistent. For further details, you can refer to this GitHub repository by Polar.

I haven't worked with Unity, so I can't provide insights on that front.

I understand the challenges of being a solo programmer with limited resources. In my opinion, if you're targeting a niche audience like indoor cycling enthusiasts, having a standout feature could be beneficial. If you're planning to monetize your product, this could add significant value. Alternatively, if revenue isn't your primary goal, consider open-sourcing your project. This might attract other developers who can contribute and elevate your product's development.

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Hi here :)
Do we have a road map about what is the plans for your roadmap in next months ? :)

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Hi, the main point of the app is the passthrough feature, so i will keep the project alive as long i can. Ironing out the quirks as good as possible. I'm also eagerly waiting for a certain webengine core update that will hopefully boost performance. However, projects like Wolvic are extremely well funded and i will have no chance against this in a long term perspective. At a certain point a game engine VR browser will make no sense anymore against a native app VR browser.

I have issues with add's, basically it opens the add on the same page replacing it, which means that when i go back its just a loop of going constantly to the add and can't advance in the webpage.

Hi, please give me the link to this webpage so i can have a look into this.

"animefenix. tv" is the site. I put a space in any case as I don't know if links are allowed here.

Thanks. I will try to find a solution for this. But i can't guarantee anything and it will take some time because it will need a serious overhaul of how everything works at the moment.

Appreciated! Keep it up!

Do streaming services with DRMs like Netflix work with this?

Since 0.1.2 widewine DRM is supported. Works with Amazon Prime Video for instance. Sadly Netflix has additional protections systems, which they seem to share with the big player browser companies only...
You can test this with https://bitmovin.com/demos/drm

subscribed since a little time now, happy to see some update, good work.

But please, add some favorites button, not user-friendly to always search same sites :)

Good luck for next, shared on my youtube channel " Pico FRANCE " to support !

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Merci, thank you! Bookmarks are on the list.


Hey, please check the latest version. A system for bookmarks just got implemented. ;)

Just found the video posted by owomushi on YouTube and found it to be just the thing Ive been looking for. Many thanks :)

Nice, thanks.


Good idea for the Pico4 browser; I will support you too.
Please include a Thai keyboard if at all possible.


Thank you very much. I fear Thai keyboard is impossible for now, i'm really sorry.

Support from me with your app 


Thanks a lot.

you do have issues playing ffmpeg files from emby/jellyfin i show in my video of this issue. i know its beta but i do say that and hopefully it continues to grow. and gets better you are on the right track

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Just watched your video. You might need to test it out more, you really missed a lot. Here is a video by someone else (older version and in german only):

The button (upper left corner) is for re-adjusting to the height of your headset only. The button right from that is for free positioning. For YouTube and Vimeo videos, full screen becomes available when the browser parsed the links. A button appears in the right upper corner, but full screen will only work with videos that allow embedding (this is a restriction that comes from YT and Vimeo and how they cope with this browser engine).
Besides that, sadly the way you streamed the presentation, didn't show the pass-through feature. I guess that's because of the privacy settings.

I don't use pass through, because I turn off guardian. But I did note below that I missed a few things and said after I watched the video the extra settings. The touch feels a bit off. So like if I press something I using buttons that was normal in other apps. So I was a bit frustrated because I expected one button to type and move the browser but it was a trigger button. I'm not saying the browser is bad. I hope it didn't come off that way. It is still in beta and I did say he's working on it and it's worth supporting developers. My videos are more about other things not really app reviews. 

i updated my video hopefully it gives you more justice for your hard work 


Thanks! Just one hint, the button in the left upper corner, that seems to do nothing... This is for the case you were standing in VR (well XR), but changed to a seated position later. It re-adjusts the height of the browser windows to your relative head position.