Stop of Development

A long time has past since the last update. Mainly i was waiting for a new webengine update and hoped for improvements, especially performance. A couple of weeks ago it happened, but unfortunately without any improvements.
But another thing happened, the browser app -> Wolvic <- finally got a working passthrough mode on the Pico 4!
So for me it really doesn't make any sense anymore to continue working on my app. Wolvic is completely funded, has a very capable team and the app is free for everyone.
Thank you all for your support!
The app will stay on in case it fits your usecase better than Wolvic, but don't exspect anymore updates. Maybe there will be a more performant webengine update in the future and i will implement it, but i guess that's very unlikely going to happen. You can still buy it of course, if you still want to support me.

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