Treadmill XR Companion for Pico 4 released

Hello Virtual Runners!

I'm finally releasing my first app on It began as a very personal project. Due to a medical condition, i am forced to have a workout session at least once a day. Sadly, i started getting kind of bored with using my treadmill in a "normal" way very quickly and feared that i may loose interest in working out on it very soon. Damn laziness! ;)
Since other, similar apps for mobile phone or tablets come quite costly and don't offer directly what i wanted for me personally,  i started thinking about improving my treadmill experience on my own. And as soon as i heard of the Pico 4 VR headset getting released - the idea of this app was born. Finally a standalone, lightweight and affordable VR HMD with acceptable quality color pass-through capabilities. What a perfect timing!
I hope you guys find this app as useful as i do. On my end it already helped me a lot, improving my condition.

Have fun!



Treadmill_XR_Companion_Pico4.apk 89 MB
Dec 15, 2022

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